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Use a clean face mask with clean hands.

Keep the mask clean: do not touch the mask during use.

Wash your hands before removing the mask.

Remove the mask by simply touching its straps and place the mask directly in the washing machine or plastic bag.

Wash your hands and wash the mask after each use.

Wash the mask at 60 degrees after each use.

A dirty mask can be a virus transmitter.

Touching the mask increases contaminants in front of the airways.

During use, the mask must not be removed or worn around the neck.

Note that a moisturized mask penetrates microbes more easily than dries.

Do not refill the mask for others.

Symptoms of cardiovascular disease, asthma, or COPD can be a barrier to using a face mask.

A dirty mask can cause health problems.

There is more harm than good to an abused mask.

Source: Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes), National Institute for Occupational Health and Fimea


Please read the product information below carefully before placing your order.

✅The product is intended to reduce the spread of droplets, the product is not a piece of personal protective equipment. The mask has not been tested by the authorities. The product does not protect its users. The product should not be used in conditions where the use of personal protective equipment is necessary.

✅The mask does not correspond to personal protective equipment or surgical nasal protection: masks do not provide reliable protection against, for example, coronavirus. The mask is not CE marked and does not meet the requirements of the FFP2 / FFP3 protection level.

✅It is a good idea to change the mask about every hour. So keep as many masks with you as you thought you needed at the time.

✅Can be used alone, but must have a filter slot.

✅Replace the mask if it gets wet or dirty. The moisturized mask penetrates microbes more easily than dry.

✅After use, the disposable mask is in the trash and the reusable fabric mask in a tightly closed plastic bag or washing machine.

✅PM2.5 filters cannot be washed and should be replaced after 3-7 days of total use.

✅The fabric mask cannot be returned or replaced for hygiene reasons.

Kevyestä ja mukavasta. Itse tehty kasvomaski ei suojaa käyttäjää koronavirukselta, mutta kasvosuoja voi suojata muita ja suojaustehoa voi näin nostaa PM 2.5 filterilla.


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